Heritage is an expectation

Ultimately what defines an organization is less what it does, but more what it is about: the things for which it will be remembered; the difference it makes in the world; and the lives of those it brings to life, igniting their passions, their beliefs and to what they are willing to commit.


Heritage is not about how long an organization has been around; it is about what that organization has achieved: accomplishments, obstacles overcome, its reputation for always finding a way to succeed and its people.

Our purpose, our reason for existing, is to achieve results that matter: for our clients, our associates and Triple-I.


For more than 45 years, our focus continues to be the application of emerging technology in the creation and delivery of innovative business solutions.

An avid proponent of technology, we have always believed that the technology itself is only as powerful and innovative as the people it enables, the creativity it unleashes, the experiences it creates and the possibilities it makes real.


Ultimately, we believe that business is about people and that trust is the foundation for all business relationships – particularly during times of uncertainty.

We also believe that an organization's culture is its enduring competitive advantage and that if you can ignite someone's passion for what they do then...

all things are possible.