Triple-I Was There

The 90s represented a revolutionary decade for digital technology. Information Technology trends during this time period included the increased use of online information services, with an enhanced emphasis placed on user-friendly design. Hard disk storage capacities, modem speeds and memory sizes increased rapidly.

Intel developed the Pentium processor; Y2K fear spread throughout the United States; and 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch disks went the way of the dodo. Windows NT 3.1, 95 and 98 and Mac OSX were released; and web browsers Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer were developed; the Java programming language was created by Sun Microsystems; and Linux was started by Linus Torvalds; Steve Jobs returned to Apple and the iMac was born; CNN introduced the 24-hour news cycle during Desert Storm; and the World Wide Web was born.

The use of technology accelerated, as did the demand for companies with the talent and knowledge to successfully apply it, with Triple-I at the forefront of IT consulting.

We were there…

When the Houston Independent School District (HISD) needed help to replace its legacy computer systems with a fully integrated SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, making HISD the first school district to successfully implement SAP R/3.

When Time Warner needed help to develop a state-of-the-art, full-service multimedia network capable of supporting fully-interactive voice, data and video services.

When Gear for Sports needed help to develop new customized reporting and enhanced reports and forms for its Oracle Manufacturing modules, including Work in Process, Inventory, Bills of Materials, Planning and Custom Modules – using Developer 2000, PL/SQL and TOAD.

When Hallmark needed a partner to convert its mainframe general ledger system into Oracle Applications GL to integrate subsidiary processing and to provide consolidated subsidiary reporting.

Looking for ways to increase profitability through gains in effectiveness and efficiency, Triple-I supported companies by evaluating and implementing unique vendor/supplier relationships.

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow."
- Bill Gates