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Talent is the currency of competitive advantage – the team with the best talent wins.

Talent as a Service can be defined as the strategic approach to the delivery of high-quality consulting services that helps companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and gain access to the critical talent they need in order to be competitive.

As one of America’s early pioneers in Talent Acquisition (Talent as a ServiceTM (TaaSTM), we have extensive knowledge in the continuing evolution of today’s workforce, providing you key Insights into how today’s talent interacts with today’s economy.

Today, candidates find job security not in the organization itself, but in their individual knowledge and the application of their knowledge to produce value for employers. In other words, job “security” is found with the candidate and not necessarily with the organization. Many organizations continue to try and acquire talent under the old paradigm, failing to understand this shift in value creation/job security and the talent acquisition methods required to obtain the best talent. In order to compete and win in the race for talent, businesses require a partner with the Insights necessary to succeed in today’s business environment, with today’s talent, using today’s talent acquisition methods.

Triple-I is that partner.

Our approach ensures we attract and retain highly-qualified talent with the right mindset and skillset to help you achieve your business outcomes. As your partner, we provide:

Our Extensive Network

  • Our team-centric talent acquisition approach provides you flexibility, agility and access to our network of more than 12,000 highly-qualified technology professionals.
  • We specialize in acquiring technology professionals, ranging from Executives, Architects and .NET developers to Java and SharePoint developers and UX/UI professionals.
  • Today’s hyper-connected world is H2H (human to human). As such, we focus on social business – it’s about professional networks versus job boards; and we are active and visible in the KC technology sector.
  • We constantly refine and manage a vetted constellation of alliance partners with similar core values and complementary capabilities in order to broaden our talent reach.

People… At the Intersection of Creativity and Technology

  • We exploit the latest trends in social and digital marketing to engage with the business and technology communities, opportunities, trends and events.
  • We blend historical data, market trends and marketing tools in our approach to acquiring talent.
  • We encourage our consultants to provide Insights – applying their knowledge produces value for our client. Each consultant has access to all Triple-I resources, collateral and artifacts, and most importantly, every other Triple-I consultant, wherever they are located.
  • We ensure focus and alignment of candidates to your requirements by applying Insights gained over our 45 year heritage and our team’s combined 120 years of experience.

Triple-I Careers
We're team-centric, focused on supporting you and providing you with the hottest and most promising jobs on the market from our established clients. 



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