The Client

Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) is a two-year institution and technical skills college committed to excellence in higher education. Through an accessible and supportive learning environment, the College mission is to provide higher education and lifelong learning to varied communities, primarily in its service area of Wyandotte and Leavenworth counties located in Kansas. The College serves approximately 9,800 students annually with its programs and course offerings for both transfer credit and non-credit.

The Situation

With the increased demand for higher education at an affordable price, KCKCC found its website was at a competitive disadvantage when compared with other area colleges and universities. Its website was dated and did not possess the proper content management tools to manage, enhance and administer. More importantly, KCKCC’s website was not usable on all platforms, a major issue for its diverse, mobile student body who use multiple platforms, varying from smartphones and tablets to desktops.

The Challenge

KCKCC knew it needed more than a new website; rather, it required a dynamic digital strategy to engage its growing, diverse student body. As such, it is essential the site is accessible on all platforms and devices to create a seamless user experience. From the back-end, KCKCC needed a scalable, flexible content management system (CMS) in order to enable distributed content management and entry. Due to limited staff and resources, KCKCC needed an intuitive CMS that both site administrators and content creators could easily maintain and evolve, providing a long-term solution. 

The Emerging Technology

Triple-I discovered most of the frustration with the previous site revolved around content entry and site administration. In order to build the best solution, Triple-I selected Sitefinity as the preferred CMS for KCKCC. By leveraging Sitefinity and its inherent capabilities, Triple-I solved KCKCC’s need for distributed, easy-to-use content entry with a robust workflow and approval process.  From the front end, Triple-I delivered a responsive site users can access from any device, giving KCKCC an expanded digital presence to engage future and current students, faculty and staff.

The Solution

To validate KCKCC’s user and brand profiles, Triple-I conducted stakeholder interviews and created custom user surveys that conveyed critical insight to the original site’s failings, which eliminated past problems entirely. From there, Triple-I created a core sitemap that was as efficient and lean as possible, enabling site visitors to access the knowledge they need faster. Visually, Triple-I developed a 2-page spread for desktop mode, which gives site users more visibility of the page at once, reducing the need to scroll. KCKCC’s brand platform was integrated into the new digital strategy, creating a clean content layout and better user experience. With an emphasis on the end-user, the image sliders and in-page content tabs allow pages to be content-rich and visually lightweight. From the backend, the application of Sitefinity removed the College team’s frustrations with the previous site, including content entry and administration.

The Result

KCKCC engaged Triple-I to create and deliver a robust website that from the front-end, engages users with its multi-device, cross-platform presence, and from the back-end, provides an easy-to-use content management tool. This site embodies the intersection of creativity and technology – it has fresh visuals and dynamic content that adheres to KCKCC’s brand, and from the backend, provides a seamless experience for site administrators and content creators.

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