The Client

Cessna Aircraft Company (Cessna) is the leading designer and manufacturer of light and midsize business jets, utility turboprops and single engine aircrafts. Since its inception, Cessna has designed and deliver 200,000 airplanes worldwide, establishing it as an industry leader. 

The Situation

Currently, Cessna pilots conduct aircraft production flight tests using a paper-based binder process to record and manage maintenance needs. Cessna pilots need an electronic process to connect to the resident system and synch aircraft information in a real-time, digital format.

The Challenge

Cessna employed TopCoder, a crowd-sourcing model, to develop a mobile application prototype (with zero functionality coded) of its Production Flight Squawks Management iPad application. Given the complexity and breadth of historical information, the application must be developed in Objective-C code and integrate with Cessna’s existing web services and data synchronization process. 

The Emerging Technology

By applying Objective-C code, Triple-I fully leveraged the inherent capabilities of the iPad to deliver an innovative application incorporating:

  • Editable discrepancies
  • Local persistence of data
  • File attachment support
  • InFlight sync
  • Sound byte capture and save to Squawk
  • Full integration with Cessna web services

The Solution

Triple-I and Cessna worked collaboratively to produce Squawks, an enterprise mobile application native to the iPad that leverages iOS5/iOS6 functionality and integrates with other corporate systems.

Squawks is used to conduct aircraft production flight tests, providing a real-time digital system (wireless/Wi-Fi) for the recording and synching of aircraft test flight information (pre, during, post) and is fully-capable of integrating with existing corporate systems.

Squawks leverages all of the inherent iPad capabilities such as video, still image and audio as part of its functionality in helping test pilots efficiently record test flight information.

The Result

Squawks is a custom mobile application that digitizes aircraft test flight information in real-time, allowing for rapid documentation and deployment of maintenance requirements. The application simplifies the complexity test pilots faced with the paper-based process and allows them to utilize technology to work efficiently and collaboratively. With Squaks at the core of its test flights, Cessna reinvents the way you fly.

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