The Client

AgVantis, Inc. (AgVantis) provides state-of-the-art technology services and solutions to farm credit associations and banks in order to respond with, and compete in, the rapidly changing agricultural industry. With its integrated, real-time technical systems, AgVantis helps its customs acquire and maintain profitable, long-lasting relationships with farmers and ranchers across the country.

The Situation

As stated in the client overview, AgVantis is focused on providing premier technology solutions to its customers. Although the firm continuously delivers state-of-the-art technical solutions to its clients, the AgVantis farm credit management system, known as Next-Generation Solution (NGS), was only accessible via a desktop application. NGS is a collaboratively built custom-designed solution to support all stages of the loan, from customer relationship management to booking and loan administration. More than 400 loan officers and 300 bank office staff nationwide use the tool; however, they cannot access it in the field. In order to better serve its clients and their respective constituents, AgVantis requires a leading mobile application that integrates an engaging and responsive user experience with the latest mobile technology, accessible anytime, anywhere.

The Challenge

AgVantis knew a mobile application would enable its business strategy, empower its workforce and ultimately, increase its competitive edge. However, AgVantis does not have the internal mobile resources necessary to research, analyze and present a variety of mobile application solutions to its board of directors, comprised of national industry leaders and C-level executives from its member associations. As such, AgVantis approached Triple-I to collaborate with AgVantis and their associates to create, implement and deliver a thorough mobile assessment, shared with the AgVantis Board of Directors.

Mobility Insight

In line with recent trends, implementing mobile strategies to streamline workflow continues to move to the forefront of enterprise development - something AgVantis recognized. By pragmatically looking at mobile device platforms, various development options and consumer trends, Triple-I, along with Alliance Partner Propaganda3, created an assessment scorecard that rated the project specifics and intricacies associated with mobile CRMs and applications.

The Solution

With a focus on providing multiple options to power the best solutions, Triple-I conducted primary research with key AgVantis stakeholders and constituents to better identify its mobile needs. As a result, Triple-I and Propaganda3 created and delivered a robust mobile assessment portfolio that scored mobile devolvement and maintenance factors including: cost; usability; time to market; ease of maintenance; long-term support; and security. These were then analyzed across mobile CRM alternatives like iOS, Windows 8.1, Android, Xamarin and Resco.

The Result

By providing AgVantis with a full evaluation and scorecard of mobile strategy options for the NGS mobile application, Triple-I simplified the complexity of selecting a mobile CRM. In doing so, Triple-I provided industry expertise and insight, as well as the foundation necessary to leverage which solution best fits AgVantis’ needs.

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