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Creative Design

A first impression is a lasting impression.
Aesthetically, design can make or break a customer’s decision to engage with you. For most customers, your website will be their first point of contact with your brand. Within .05 seconds of your page loading, a customer will have already formed an opinion (Kinesis). Given this short amount of time, it is imperative to grab the attention of the customer with a visually appealing presence that brings your company to life. A first look at your page establishes the tone, overall vision - and for some – credibility.

How We Do It

Creative Direction Creative Direction

We will work closely with you in establishing creative assets such as brand colors, imagery, style and tone to generate a digital presence that will satisfy your brand and enhance your image.

Creative Concepts Concepts

Several different mock-ups are developed with varying creative assets such as imagery, banners, iconography and style to envision the look and feel of how the new design could look in its final state.

Creative Set Creative Set

We provide you with a complete creative set that encompasses the primary wireframe templates and identify what assets must be created, both for further development and content.

Final Creative Touches Final Touches

Once the creative assets are complete and have been refined, our developers place all elements of the design into HTML and CSS for you. We also provide you with a creative guide that identifies any colors, fonts, formatting and spacing so that it can be coded into the working site.

How You Benefit

Given that the look and feel of a website are primary drivers of first impressions, having a creative strategy will increase not only customer engagement, but also your overall brand image. You will have that competitive edge that you have worked so hard for. Creativity also humanizes your company, and with that, reaches the emotion that influences a purchasing decision. Whether it is the color, imagery or design of your brand, you will stand out from competitors and become more memorable leaving a positive lasting impression and hopefully a new customer.  

  • Competitive edge
  • Brand identity and recognition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Enjoyable user experience
  • Visual appeal
  • Creative capability and customization

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by Ian Lambert | 11 Aug, 2015


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