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Jul 15, 2013
Perry Puccetti, president and CEO of Triple-I, discusses key characteristics of innovative businesses in the July 2013 issue of Ingram's magazine.

The following is an excerpt of a guest column by Perry Puccetti in the July 2013 issue of Ingram's magazine ...

Innovative companies, and the people who comprise them, see the world around them as more one of possibility than of limitation; while certainly there are limitations - they exist to be overcome - a choice between choosing to succeed and choosing not to fail.

Companies aspiring to become more innovative must first understand innovation is a way of thinking about business strategies and how the company will interact with the market. Having the right toolsets (the various technologies and techniques used to create) and the right skillsets (the knowledge and processes used to implement) are key facets of innovation; however, this article will focus on the mindset (the fundamental attitudes and behaviors) required for creating, enabling and sustaining innovation.

Innovation is neither a thing nor something that can be mandated as it is inherently a people-centric endeavor. In order to succeed, companies must focus on having the right people in the right roles, starting first and foremost with the right leader. To read more about innovative business, click here.

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