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Jan 09, 2015


The Benefit and ROI of Sitefinity for Your Brand

Quality content management systems (CMSs) are the foundation for enhanced digital content strategies. With a strong CMS at the core, your website becomes the digital extension of your company, humanizing the brand experience for your target audience and site visitors. But, in today’s cluttered world full of unlimited gadgets, tech tools and devices, it’s challenging to know which CMS is right for you and your brand. And today, the gaps between open source CMSs (Drupal and WordPress) and proprietary CMSs (SaaS) are narrower than ever in terms of security, cost and quality; the only true differentiators are functionality and usability – both from the backend and the frontend.

At Triple-I, our preferred CMS is Telerik Sitefinity. Why? For its functionality and ease of use – whether you’re a site administrator, content creator or site visitor, Sitefinity provides a seamless experience. By leveraging the power of Sitefinity, we can create and deliver multi-device, cross platform websites that can enhance both the user experience and empower site administrators – including the more technologically-challenged users.

Sitefinity’s Ease of Use

From the creative process and content inventories to the actual coding and beyond, the construction of new websites require multiple, overlapping processes and details. Additionally, it is critical to create and deliver a training, content and maintenance strategies for post-production. And this is the key differentiator of Sitefinity.

Sitefinity provides a complete and incredibly easy-to-use CMS that not only excels at delivering a rich, multi-layered user experience, but quickly allows a novice administrator to update and create engaging content with text, images, video, events and news without the need for developers or technical staff. Templates and pages are quickly created, dynamically tracked by the CMS, and reflected instantly across the site. The flexibility of this CMS allows administrators to do their work in the backend environment, or directly on the page at-hand, all from the comfort of a desktop or the convenience of a mobile device.

Additionally, site management features provide control for users that other CMSs simply cannot deliver. It is an SEO-friendly development platform that increases a brand’s searchability. In fact, page creation allows the administrator to quickly infuse a wealth of search engine settings and attributes. Titles, headings, meta keywords, descriptions and multiple URLs are all readily available to the administrator, as well as cache options. SEO also extends to all imported images and videos, allowing for titles and alternative text. All this is applied by the administrator without code.

Brand Integration

Does your organization manage subbrands under a parent brand, currently managed via multiple, disconnected CMSs? By leveraging Siteifnity’s multi-site functionality, you can integrate and manage an entire family of distinct brands, while retaining the convenience and strength of a single CMS for the brands’ respective content collections from a single point of administration. This creates better control of your brand or brands, while enhancing your digital content strategy.

Sitefinity and the Mobile-First Mindset

With Internet traffic via smartphones and tablets outpacing desktop traffic, organizations must embrace the mobile-first mindset, offering multi-device, cross-platform experience for users. As such, Sitefinity offers “out of the box” responsiveness, minimizing the need for additional responsive development. Sitefinity also includes responsive tools and mobile widgets to more easily create seamless experiences for your users.

But if you wish to designate content specifically for devices, Sitefinity gives users the ability to create and deliver custom, personalized mobile content. And, it has a built-in mobile previewer allowing you to preview how the content and page will look on Android and iOS devices. With its mobile application builder, you can also take the mobile-first mindset a step further.

A digital strategy is an extension of your brand, your culture, your value proposition and, most importantly, your people. By leveraging Sitefinity’s functionality, brand integration and mobile-first capabilities, your brand can go from talking digital to being digital.

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