Inception, Blueprint, Build and Deliver

Our four-phase implementation process guides the delivery of our innovative technologies. Based on Agile development principles, i3deologyTM (Triple-I-deology) is an iterative approach to solution development that focuses on the early and continuous delivery of valuable software that provides business functionality – in other words, software that works.

Inception: At a high level, the construct of this process starts with our clients’ business objectives and a clear understanding of the business/communication processes being enabled through the technology. This stage of the process creates a mapping between the objectives and the proposed solution along with high-level estimates. The Inception phase is the most important phase in the Implementation Methodology and addresses the following areas at a minimum:

  • Business Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Information Architecture
  • Brand Attributes

Blueprint: In the Blueprint phase, we apply key learnings from the Inception phase (as well as knowledge gained from our other customer engagements) to the technology’s information architecture to addresses the human experience of the innovation. Correspondingly, our technical design addresses custom features and functions our clients and their customers require to effectively engage with one another.

Build: The Build phase represents the actual coding and configuration needed to express the functionality and features as determined through the Inception and Blueprint phases.

Deliver: Adhering to the Inception, Blueprint and Build phases as defined, our Deliver phase provides the efficient delivery of the emerging technology, supported by both quality assurance and user acceptance testing. This phase also includes the soft launch (or hidden production instance), transition training for appropriate contacts and production support for reported bugs.

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