The Catalyst

Triple-I uses the following approach to identify and define the forces influencing the business environment, our clients’ common business problems and associated issues, as well as the corresponding services and solutions Triple-I applies to solve them.

The ability to successfully apply emerging technology to create and deliver an innovative business solution requires an understanding of the following items: the complexity of the business problem; the technological environment; the sense of urgency; and associated costs and risks. The greater the complexity/business problem, the greater the opportunity for significant performance improvement.
Ecosystem Level Forces
The underlying macro event or trend, external forces that serve as a “catalyst” requiring businesses, specifically the client/prospect’s management, to make decisions and take action.

Examples: global trends (globalization); emerging/disruptive technologies (cloud); customer/consumer demands (mobile devices); shareholder demands (increased profitability); changes in competition (Google); industry consolidation (banking); governmental policies (contract vehicles); regulations and taxation (healthcare); natural disasters (drought).

Enterprise Level Forces
Represent the direct drivers of business change resulting from the Level 0 macro event/trend, and the accompanying decisions and actions taken by the client/prospect’s enterprise in response to Level 0 forces.

Examples: technology; change business model; drive innovation and change; expand products and/or markets; improve operating efficiencies; mitigate risk; reduce costs; improve customer service; improve marketing.

Business Unit Level Forces
Business issues and the associated decisions and actions that they client must take as a result of the decisions and actions made in Level 1 – representing the common business problems that we can solve.

Examples: “talent;” develop new systems or applications; end-to-end integration; install or convert software; outsourcing; hardware acquisition; adoption of cloud technology.

These are the business issues that we can help solve via our services and solutions – our “sweet spot.”

Triple-I Services and Solutions
Triple-I’s services and solutions that uniquely solve the client’s business issues associated with your Enterprise and Business Unit Level Forces.

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